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  ICON Overview
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NoroBio Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is one of the most stable and rapidlly growing companies on the worldwide pharmaceutical market.NoroBio run by a team of young & dynamic personnels, specializes in sourcing the latest developed pharmaceuticals, especiallly generic drugs, OTC products & biological Products, we aspire to become a client centric, world class, agile leading biopharmaceutical supplier in the world.

Over the years, NoroBio has evolved into a knowledge driven company. It is R&D focused, has a multi-product portfolio with multi-country suppliers, and is becoming a marketing conglomerate across the world.

What we do :

    1.Register and put on the market our GMP and certify Norobio brand in the world.

    2.Register and manufacture OEM drug from our clientele and provide the drug by GMP or ISO.

    3.Participate and Obtain Government Tenders for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Worldwide.

    4.Manufacturer and supply nutrition supplement by GMP.

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